Student Parking

Hello Viper Families and Students,


Students who would like to drive themselves to school and park on campus will need to have a Lake Buena Vista parking hanger.    


Please fill out this LBV Student Parking Hanger in its entirety, and submit the following:

     *Make/Model/ Color/ Year of Vehicle

     *Photo of Student's valid Driver's License (no learner's permit)

     *Photo of Vehicle Registration Card

     *Photo of valid Vehicle Insurance Card


Parking hangers will cost $50 and may be purchased through SchoolPay. You will receive an email of approval to purchase a parking hanger after reviewing the submitted documentation. You will present your purchase receipt upon pick-up.


IMPORTANT:  Learner's permits do not qualify for a parking hanger. Students are not authorized to park on campus without a parking hanger.  Students parking at area businesses will be towed at the car owner’s expense.


**Once the documents have been approved, a link will be sent to the student’s OCPS email address to pay for the hanger. Thank you for your patience.


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Melania Perez Cedeno at [email protected].


Thank you.