Community Service

Engage as a volunteer in your community! Although not a requirement to graduate, community service hours are a positive addition to college applications and are required for many scholarship opportunities including Florida's Bright Futures. Here are the guidelines for students to complete community service hours:

  • STEP 3:  Deliver your completed proposal to your counselor for approval signature. This must be done before beginning any community service.
  • STEP 5: After completing your hours, write a reflection of your experience and submit your signed log/reflection to your counselor.


IMPORTANT:   All completed community service hours, forms, and required signatures MUST be submitted by the last day of school EACH year. Teachers/Club Sponsors/Coaches are NOT able to approve community service forms or to accept nor submit community service forms on behalf of students. Hours must be submitted directly to Student Services by the student. Community service proposals must be submitted for pre-approval before the implementation of service hours.