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Welcome To Lake Buena Vista High School!

Guy SwensonHello Lake Buena Vista Families,
Welcome! We are glad that you are here. All students and families are welcome at our school and I want you all to feel that this is a safe space for you to learn and grow. This is going to be a great year!
Here’s some information you might find helpful for the first few days of school:


Check the "Find My Bus" application to find the trip number and when you get on your bus in the morning, take a photo of the trip number. There will be multiple buses to pick you up in the afternoon and you need to know which one is yours.


OCPS serves three meals a day to students: Breakfast, lunch, and after school supper. Meals are no longer free for everyone. Families must apply for Free and Reduced lunch if they qualify. All students will have to either scan their school ID or enter their ID number into a keypad in order to receive a meal. Regardless of the status of a student’s School Pay account, full meals will be provided to any student who asks. Those without Free and Reduced meals will be billed for the price of the meal.

For additional information on free school lunch and breakfast program and the additional benefits that come with an approved application. click on the link below:


Reminder, this school no longer offers students meals at no charge. We encourage families to apply for the Free & Reduced Meal Benefits Program. If your family qualifies for “Reduced” status, your kids will still eat at no charge. If you applied last year, your application expires on 9/21/22, must rep-apply each year. Apply at @OCPS_FNS #freeandreduced



ALL students will report to their first period class in the morning on the first day of school. Student locators will be posted innumerous locations if a student doesn’t know where their first period class is located. ALL students will receive an updated schedule on colored paper in their first period class. This will then be the ticket to gain entry in all other classes the rest of the day. It is also recommended to take a picture of that schedule.


We have re-configured the parking cones in the main student parking lot. The right turn gate on Daryl Carter Parkway will now be open during the day so that you can bypass the stoplight if you are driving in that direction. Student drivers will need to go to the light in order to park in their assigned parking spots. For drop off and pick up, please make sure to leave the left lane open while the right lane can be for parking and waiting. Also, please do not drop your students off in the middle of Daryl Carter Parkway or at the stoplight. This is dangerous for you and others!

Students who would like to drive themselves to school and park on campus will need to have a Lake Buena Vista parking hanger.  You may visit this link for more information and steps to follow:  


Laptops will be issued to students on the second day of school for those who don’t have them. Students who already have their laptops will need to bring them, but teachers understand and plan for the event that some students do not have a laptop. All will be good, I promise.


Students may request a locker by signing the OCPS Student Locker Application & Consent to Search & Waiver of Liabilityand  by completing the following form: 



Guy Swenson, EdD


Office Hours:

7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday)


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