Official transcripts may be requested using the process below. 

For Current Students:

Please use this Transcript Form to request official transcripts for your college or university application or for other personal or professional uses. Some colleges and universities accept electronic transfer of transcripts; for all other requests, transcripts* may be mailed or be collected in person with photo ID. In order to protect your privacy and in accordance with Federal Law and OCPS Policy, transcripts will not be emailed. Transcript may take up to 10 business days to processFinal transcripts for graduated Seniors will not be available until 2-3 weeks after the last day of school. 

Only parents/guardians for students under 18, and students age 18 or older may request the release of official transcripts.

If you have questions regarding your transcript, please contact your school counselor with the email subject heading “Transcript”. 


*Unless sent directly to the college/institution, once opened, official transcripts are no longer considered official.