Cambridge AICE


The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education, is an internationally recognized program that emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study. It offers students the ability to gain an in-depth understanding of subjects that suit their specific passions and interests while developing the tools necessary to succeed in college-level classes. This program is recognized internationally and prepares students for college. Students can earn college credit and potentially earn the AICE Diploma.

AICE Diploma: Students must pass six credits worth of examinations as well as pass Global Perspectives.  At least one examination must come from each of the three subject groups: Mathematics & Sciences, Languages, and Arts and Humanities. To receive full Bright Futures with the AICE Diploma students must also complete 100 hours of community service and two years of the same world language.

Examples of courses: AICE Biology, AICE Chemistry, AICE English Language, AICE English Literature, AICE European History, AICE General Paper, AICE Global Perspectives, AICE Thinking Skills, AICE Marine Science, AICE Psychology, AICE American History.

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