What is ESOL?

ESOL is the name Florida has given to its program for teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages.

What are ESOL services?

The ESOL program in Orange County Public Schools is designed specifically to improve the language proficiency of students whose native language is not English. Students have access to the grade level curriculum and all school services. Teachers are qualified to teach English for Speakers of Other Languages.

How does my child qualify for ESOL services?

According to the Florida state rule 6A-6.0902, it starts with the home language survey when you enroll your student during the registration process. Parent/guardian answered “yes” to any of the three home language survey questions:

1. Is a language other than English used in the home?

2. Does the student have a first language other than English?

3. Does the student most frequently speak a language other than English?

Answering "Yes" to one or more of the home language survey questions will require your child to be screened for English language proficiency.

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