Loans & Circulation

Library:  Library books are loaned for a period of two weeks. A book can be renewed. Overdue notices will be emailed to the student's OCPS email account*.

Laptops:  The process for new students to receive a laptop may take 48 hours upon enrollment. Click LaunchEd for more information on the OCPS program. 

LaunchEd Family Technology Handbook

Student Laptops & Other Hardware: All students in grades 6-12 are provided with a Windows 10 laptop featuring:

     11” touchscreen*

     convertible keyboard*

     web camera



*on most devices

As with all instructional materials, students are responsible for maintaining and protecting their devices from damage and loss.  If a laptop or charger is damaged, a fine will be accessed on the following schedule:

Computer Damage/Loss:

1st incident                                      $25.00

2nd incident                                   $ 50.00

3rd and any further incident     Depreciated Value* See Table Below

Charger Damage/Loss

1st incident                                      $10.00

2nd incident                                    $15.00

3rd and any further incident          $25.00


Textbook/Instructional Material: All textbooks will be barcoded and circulated through the Lake Buena Vista High School Media Center via Destiny. 

At the end of the class/term/year, each textbook will be scanned as it is returned to the media center. Students must listen to the name being stated and confirm that the textbook was assigned to that student.

Fines will be issued for damaged textbooks per the severity. Students should report textbook damage immediately. Students who have misplaced their textbook(s) may check in the media center to see if it has been returned; otherwise, the student is monetarily responsible for the loss of the textbook.

Students are not allowed to leave assigned textbooks in teacher's classroom.

Textbook/Instructional Material Obligations:   Textbook and Instructional Material  obligation lists are maintained by the media center. All textbook and Instructional Material obligations must be cleared each school year and upon withdrawing from Lake Buena Vista high School.

Students must be clear of all obligations before they will be allowed to purchase parking permits, tickets to special events, participation in graduation ceremonies, etc. 

According to Florida Statute, Chapter 1006.42 and Chapter 1006.28

"Each parent of a student is liable for any loss or destruction of, or unnecessary damage to, the instructional materials or for failure of the student to return the instructional materials, and shall pay for such loss, destruction, or unnecessary damage as provided by law."

Paying for Obligations:  You can pay for any obligation you owe the school with credit/debit cards, cash or checks. We encourage all parents and students to pay with a credit/debit cards using the School Pay website https://schoolpay.com/ (Preferred payment method).

We can take payments for laptops, chargers, library books and textbooks in the Media Center. 

All club and athletic dues/fees need to be paid to the club sponsor or coach.

IMPORTANT-Obligations paid for on School Pay will remain on your account until you bring the receipt to the Media Center for posting. 

If you owe an obligation to another school, i.e., a lost library book from elementary school, you will need to contact that school to make arrangements to pay the obligation.

Student ID's: TBD

Copy Machine: TBD

Printing:  TBD

*OCPS provides a Google email account to students ([email protected]) Students should make it a habit to check their student email on a daily basis.