Lake Buena Vista Student Led Clubs and Organizations

The student activities program at Lake Buena Vista High School provides students with the opportunity to create, plan, organize, and carry out activities, projects, and events which contribute to the overall enjoyment and development of the entire student body. This environment allows the students to develop pride, loyalty, and create a culture that is critical to the student experience while in high school. 

Why join a club? 

Creating and/or joining a club in high school allows you the opportunity to get connected, develop communication skills, focus on creative thinking skills, develop peer relationships and work effectively with others. Furthermore, joining a club(s) can prove valuable when getting into college. Student involvement proves important when colleges evaluate student applications and demonstrates student organization, responsibility, and provides insight into your personality.

How do you create a club?

Clubs and organizations are students created and student led. Clubs do require the supervision and guidance of a teacher sponsor and the completion of an annual club application.