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Alpha Academy (A2) is a school within a school that prepares academically talented students to succeed with the most rigorous course load possible and to compete for the top colleges in the nation. Alpha Academy students will complete the Cambridge Diploma by the conclusion of their junior year which will earn an automatic 100% Bright Futures Scholarship without the need of a qualifying ACT/SAT score.

Students will complete a minimum of 35 hours of community service per year, with the expectation that every student will have completed a minimum of 100 hours by the end of their junior year.  


Ø  Cohorted classes*

Ø  Earn college credit

Ø  Full diploma program

Ø  Automatically qualify for Bright Futures Scholarship

Ø  Prepared for college success

Ø  Flexibility

Ø  Career focus

Ø  Recognized by colleges and universities

*Three core courses will be cohorted.



English 1 Honors

English 2 Honors

AICE English Language

AP Human Geography

AICE European History

AICE US History

AICE Global Perspectives

AICE General Paper