Social Justice Academy

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Viper Social Justice Academy (VSJA) is a humanities based interdisciplinary program that seeks to examine the world we live in.

In English, Social Studies, and certain electives, students will focus on identifying and analyzing patterns of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, age, religious, sexual orientation, political, economic, environmental, and human rights-based discriminations present in and practiced by institutions.

Students will complete 140 hours of outreach for the betterment of their community.


Ø  Cohorted classes*

Ø  Community Outreach

Ø  Greater understanding of the community in which we live

Ø  Experiential learning

Ø  Exclusive field trips

Ø  College and career focus

*Two courses will be cohorted.



English 1 Honors

English 2 Honors

AICE English Language

AICE English Literature

Global Perspectives

World History

AICE US History

AP Government/Economics

AICE General Paper